Top Tips for Fitness Motivation

Overcome any obstacles in health and fitness with our four tips for staying motivated!


Setting goals that focus on behaviours, such as eating more vegetables each day or exercising five times per week, are easier to achieve because you are more in control and can see your own progress. When you have a clear, concise and driven goal you’re much more likely to achieve success. Put your goals in a place where you are likely to see and read them daily, this will help keep you on track when you need it.

Once you’ve set your goals, how will you track how well you’re doing? Self-monitoring increases your awareness and helps you recognise the progress you are making towards your goals. This can be as simple as keeping a training dairy and food diary as well as tracking your daily progress. Additionally, you should complete a fitness tests or monitor your body composition. The numbers don’t lie and it can be incredibly motivating to see positive change within your own test results.

If you have someone, or many people, to support you in making healthy lifestyle choices you will have more success. Find a training buddy, get a personal trainer, join in a group fitness class, or sign up for bootcamp. Everyone knows it’s more fun to workout with someone else. Finding someone you can brag to about your successes; or confess to when you’ve had a little set back, will provide solid support and keep your motivation up.

It’s not possible to be perfect, so don’t expect it. If you do fall off the wagon, don’t think of it as a major setback. It’s not. Give up the guilt and get straight back on the wagon, you’ll be amazed how easy it can be to get back on track.


While getting involved in the fitness trend can be exciting as well as daunting, it’s important to remember these simple tips to keep you moving closer to your fitness goals!

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